Bear spins staff

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March 22, 2014 by synapticwolf

ANYONE can spin staff! It’s true! And something this amazing bear proves – the more time you spend at it, the better you get. How good would YOU be if you lived in a cell with nothing to play with but a stick?

I’m going to avoid a creatures-in-captivity rant here, but I know that if I had to spend all my time in a cage, I would sure be thankful to have a staff with me.

Check out the toss at 1:12. And here’s a question which will tell you way more about yourself than about the bear: is he doing it for the attention?

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Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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