Why spin?


May 13, 2014 by synapticwolf

There are so many different reasons to spin and remembering what those are can be a major motivation when it comes to picking up toys, toughing out skill-plateaus and coping with the hundreds of minor failures and perceived set-backs that crop up along the way.

For me, there are three major categories of “Why Spin,” but they all bleed into and inform one another. Many aspects of the same face. Many faces of the same god. Many gods of the same spirit. Pick your own metaphor.

My personal “Why Spin” list can be broken into three larger subcategories. Lets call them dance, performance, and personal growth.


This encompasses the awesome rawness of being in my body, the joy of moving and the games I play with with momentum and gravity. Dance is also an outlet for creative expression, a catharsis of unexpressed emotion and an opportunity to let my body find its natural form. Using a prop propels my dance largely as a point of focus and tool to help get me out of my head. More on that in a later post.


The aesthetic quality of what we do is a major motivation to spin. Fortunately, the spinning which looks good correlates very closely with spinning that feels good. At the same time, most of us want our audience to say “wow.” Using the “make other people say wow” motivation is tricky. On the one hand, it can carry our practice right up to the professional level. On the other hand, seeking external validation is, ironically, not even a very good way to achieve external validation.

Personal Growth

This is the meditative aspect of spinning, the opportunity to lose myself in the process, the practice, the prop. The slow and steady accumulation of skills are less a personal triumph (as with dance) or a professional triumph (as with performance), but a spiritual triumph – proof that if I do something – anything – and I do it passionately, frequently, authentically – then I will, without even trying, get good at doing it. I can use this bit of self knowledge to propel my life in the directions of my choosing – with a bit practice, maybe I can do it as smoothly, as stylishly, and as joyously as I decide where my staff will go next.


Tell me in the comments why YOU spin.




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Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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