Poll Results Part 1

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June 9, 2014 by synapticwolf




Results are in! My prop-of-choice/sexual-preference survey is officially closed. Nearly a thousand spinners responded to my oh-so-personal questions and here’s who they are by the numbers:



My respondents let me know which props I left out. Most of them I didn’t include because I assumed that the sample size would be too small. Eight-rings might make the list in a few years (months? culture moves fast these days. . .) if Kevin Gao keeps telling everyone how magical they are. Balisong, hats, snakes, flags, glow sticks, toroflux, diabalo, z-geng, triple staff, quad staff, battle axe, astrojax, yo-yo, flofins, zip poi, fire orb, fingers, umbrella and canes are just too speciality to yield statistically significant data.

Flower/devil sticks, nunchucks and palm torches are a grey area – plenty of people spin them, but I haven’t seen many workshops on these props. Meteor, I (erroneously) thought would be covered by puppy hammer. Swords, I definitely should have included. My bad.

To anyone who creates their own prop: you are awesome and I’m sorry that your awesomeness can’t be acknowledged in this particular survey.

And my, but you are a multi talented bunch, aren’t you? Here are the numbers for my second question:


Plenty of people pointed out more things which could have been included but weren’t: unicycle, cyr wheel, contortion, clowning, slackline, tight wire, and glass walking among them.

I specifically did not include dance forms. Dance is extensive and varied enough to deserve its own poll. That said, a number of people wrote “belly dance” – which I do believe, more than other dance forms, follows the basic format of flow arts.

And finally, I have to address the fact that I did not include fleshing.

*Alert: researcher bias at work*

Fleshing (rubbing fire on the skin), even though I do it as performance, is a) a sex act in its own right and b) not so much a “talent” or “skill” as it is a “proclivity.” Nevertheless, I will let almost anyone burn me on stage (where it gives me tingles in my special places) and absolutely no one burn me in the bedroom (where it freaks me the fuck out). I guess I didn’t include fleshing because I find it too confusing.

And now for the sexy bits! Here’s the breakdown of what kinds of freaky shit you spinners are into:


Other responses included: a couple of asexuals, pegging, asphyxiation, Shibari (I thought that had been covered by “bondage”), voyeurism, queer sex (down with binaries!), tantric and ritual sex, pee, having toes licked, cuckold, wax, role play, nonmonamgy of kinds (which I view as a relationship or lifestyle proclivity rather than sexual proclivity), violet wands, hypnosis, cross dressing/gender play, biting, kissing (awwww), a whole bunch of fire play (“the smell of singed hair and white gas and burnt flesh really does it for me”), blood, edging, wrestling, simultaneous orgasms, “that thing she does with her tongue,” “I feel dirty,”, “MASTURBATION,” “I will break your survey if I fill this out completely,” and my personal favorite, “laughing tumbling around joyously sex.”

One response: *fire play, ritualistic sexual intention(embodying different archetypes), tantric/yogic sex, rope suspension, paint play, massage, guided meditation, psychedelic consumption, sex in nature, cuddle, mouth kissing, nyotaimori, mutual masturbation* – yes, that was all ONE response and I had to google nyotaimori – combined with the fact that this person also spins everything and circuses everything else left me almost tempted to track down their IP address and ask them out on a date, but that just seemed a) creepy, b) an abuse of power and c) outside of my skill set.

Tomorrow I’ll post a break down of which spinners like what sex stuff.

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Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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