Rope Dart Sexual Stats

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June 10, 2014 by synapticwolf

Rope Dart, the Dope Art


Hands down, the most ninja of all rope-based artforms.

First of all, my original hypothesis: People who are into rope dart are also into bondage. Is hypothesis confirmed? Well I haven’t figured out the P value on this one (yet), but I can tell you that YES, there is a correlation. Sad to say, the correlation is not as strong as I had hoped, but 60.3% of the 156 rope dart artists who responded to my poll are into bondage – as opposed to the 45.4% of the 828 other spinners in the cohort. In other words, if you’re into playing with ropes that have fire on one end, you’re 15% more likely to be into taking your ropes into the bedroom.


Dangerous looking device

Other things rope dart spinners are more into: Playing a dominant role (62.2% rope dartists vs 48.9% other spinners), receiving pain (small correlation – 32.7% vs 28%), giving pain (37.8% vs 25.6%) and oral sex (88.5% vs 82.0%)

The way I came up with these numbers was by clicking on the different surveymonkey filters and seeing which values went up and which went down.

What I did NOT do: calculate the P value which would let us know, scientifically, how likely these results are to be pure chance. Why did I not do this? Mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to get the spreadsheet to do it for me.

Stay tuned for more quasi-scientific analysis of spinning and kinking intersections.

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