Traditional Staff Sexual Stats

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June 20, 2014 by synapticwolf

This is the third post in my super sciencey study of which props are correlated with which sexual preferences.

Traditional Staff!


I define traditional staff as any kind of staff play that involves gripping or holding the prop. I know of two non-fire disciplines in which traditional staff is rocked super hard.

The first is martial arts. Japanese bo staff has been around for the duration of recorded history. Shaolin Kung Fu from China has an ancient staff practice as well.


And long before it was codified and turned into an art form, men have been whacking each other with sticks. For visual proof that the vestigial stick-weaponizing gene exists, give a staff to any boy child. For extra fun, take two boy children and give EACH of them a staff.

On the other end of the spectrum from men hitting each other over the head with sticks, we have the womanly art of baton twirling. Not quite as ancient as martial arts, but it predates contemporary fire spinning by a long shot.

In other words, there’s a wide range of people who choose to spin the world’s most overtly phallic prop. How do the sexual practices of these folks compare to other spinners?

My sample contained 307 staff spinners. They made up 29.5% of respondents and some of the most voracious multi-propers of the study.

Here’s the science:

tradstaff stats


As you can see, aficionados of traditional staff are relatively, um, traditional. In fact, with the exception of the stuff already ripe for staff double-entendre jokes (bondage, oral sex and sex toy play), staff spinners are slightly less into kink than your average spinner.

And the correlation is pretty mild.

Drawing by Bgirljungli

Who YOU callin’ “less kinky than the average spinner”? 

How to account for this mild correlation? Here’s what I came up with (and please let me know if you can do better): Many people have some childhood memory of manipulating a stick of sorts and those who choose to revisit that particular form of fun in adulthood may have a slight conservative streak.

Besides that, manipulating staff is just an all-around useful skill to have.

Drawing by Bgirljungli

That’s what she said!

Why do YOU spin staff? What are the conscious reasons? Which subconscious, unconscious and archetypal reasons can you uncover? Which reasons can you make up in order to justify spending so much time playing with sticks? Which reasons can you make up in order to inspire yourself to spend even more time playing with sticks?

Next up for scientific analysis of kink proclivities: Dragon staff.

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