Rest in peace, Stephanie Kwoleck

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June 21, 2014 by synapticwolf

My first poi were made with denim wrapped around steel rods. Always on the look out for trashed jeans, every few burns we would cut up another pair and rewick. We spent more time rewrapping our tools than spinning them.

Enter: Kevlar.



Kevlar does not burn. Blend it up with cotton, wrap it around the object of your choosing and you can light a tool several dozen times before the cotton wears out and the kevlar needs replacing.

Kevlar is used in body armor, break pads and cryogenics. Scientists at the University of Georgia are currently working to create electricity-producing clothing out of kevlar blended with zinc oxide nanowires. Pound for pound, it is five times stronger than steel.

The massive fire spinning renaissance of our time could not have happened without kevlar. 



And the woman who invited this unburnable material died yesterday.




Thank you so much, Stephanie Kwolek. May your spirit prove a durable as your wonder fiber. Rest in peace.

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