Dragon Staff Sexual Stats

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June 24, 2014 by synapticwolf

The fourth entry in my exploration into correlation between preferred props and preferred sex modes.

Dragon staff!

KaytiBunny rocks a dragon

How does she manage to make something so badass look so adorable?

Dragon staff is the *IT* toy of the moment. A static prop which is never still. A contact prop most fluently spun with both arms simultaneously. An intuitive object which demands attention to direction. The dragon requires a release of mind, body and attachment to outcome in order to keep it rolling. More than any other prop I’ve ever played with, dragon staff spins the spinner. And it feels goooooooood – a full body massage that lasts for as long as you can keep getting in its way and nudging it into the right direction.

Little known fact: All secrets of the unverse are hidden in the visual path of your basic chi roll

Little known fact: All secrets of the universe are hidden in the visual path of your basic chi roll

So, now to the question I’ve already attempted to answer in regards to rope dart, contact staff and traditional staff. How do the sexual habits and desires of dragon staff spinners compare to those of other flow artists? Well according to the 115 dragon staff fetishists who responded to my survey. . .


As you can see from the chart, dragon staff spinners are more into EVERY CATEGORY OF KINK which I asked about. All of it. Dominance, submission, giving and receiving pain during sex, with special extra plus to group sex, oral sex and sex with toys.



Damn, dragon staffers, y’all is a bunch a freaks.

Freaks, I say! Freaks!

I don’t know for certain, but I like to pretend/hope that Rachel Rubin is a freak.

Why should this be the case? Well, dragon staff is new, so the most high stimulation spinners are going for it right now. It’s sensuous, it’s exceedingly body based and it forces you to release control and just enjoy the ride.

In any case, as with most of these kink categories, dragon staff is definitely something which everyone should try twice.

Jason Stewart

Or endlessly in an infinite loop. Either way.

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