Drexing the Double Staff

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June 24, 2014 by synapticwolf

I’m not the only one being inspired by Sosticky these days. . . Poi sage and tech blogger supreme, Mr. Ben Drexler has been caught on camera picking up double staves and doing fun things with them. This is very exciting news for those of us who geek out on patterns and suck at poi. (Just me? It can’t be just me. . .) Lets hope he makes a whole bunch more of these videos. Lets hope that they get progressively dorkier as Drex dives deeper into the double staff rabbit hole. My fave line: “This, of course is in together opposite instead of split time opposite, but, ah, for those of us who don’t mind playing in that sandbox, I think it looks pretty cool too. ” Yes, Drex, that is why we spin. To look cool.

This man needs no help looking cool.

Clearly, this man needs no help looking cool.

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Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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