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June 25, 2014 by synapticwolf

Great article from Fire Arts Magazine about the Importance of Repetition in Practice.

To me, there are two take aways here. The first is the simple fact that you get good at something by doing it a lot. I feel that you can pretty closely correlate how awesome a spinner is with how much time they’ve spent playing with their prop.

In this lesson is both good news and a caution. Good news: It is very simple to get very good at object manipulation: practice. Caution: watch out for all that stuff that you do every day which you’d rather NOT be super good at. (Mindless interning, being snarky to loved ones, wallowing in misfortune, ect.)

The second take away for me is the utter importance of daily practice. For me, daily practice allows me to release my attachment to outcome enough to play around. If I know for a solid fact that I’m going to be spending quality time with my props tomorrow, then today it won’t bother me if I can’t get a specific move down.

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What is Flow?

Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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