Buugeng Sexual Stats

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July 7, 2014 by synapticwolf

Now, it’s time to examine a most intriguing tool – and our first dual prop! – in my semi-scientific correlation study of objects spun and types of sex enjoyed.

Previous entries include rope dart, traditional staff, contact staff dragon staff, and contact ball. You can also read about the origin of this study and respondents.



Well this is strange – turns out, it’s easier to write snarky captions about pictures of other people.

Also known as S-Staff, the kaleidoscopic art of buugeng was developed and popularized by Dai Zaobob.

Buugeng is a demanding prop which requires many long hours drilling precision. And these parabolic wonders do seem to have a lot more limiting principles than most spinnable objects – buugeng are best spun flat and curve side first, without fingers and without stoping. These axioms facilitate the smooth movement of the objects through space and their existence makes it simpler to bliss out under the influence of buugeng.

There were 58 buugeng spinners who responded to my survey. I think that’s statistically significant, don’t you? I mean, I hope you think so, because Imma bout to throw some statistics at you.


Buugeng spinners are kinky! In fact, the kinkier the act, (as determined by my exceedingly unscientific internal kink-o-meter), the more intensively they beat out the rest of my cohort. Almost all of the sexy acts in my survey were more highly desired by buugeng spinners, but when it comes to power exchange games, group sex and anal sex, s-staffers started breaking the chart.


Whatever’s going on in this picture probably deserves a kink category of its own.

My data shows that 45% of buugeng spinners enjoy group sex – as compared to a mere 34% of non-buugeng spinners. 52% of buugeng spinners are into anal sex which is something that only 44% of non-buugeng spinning respondents enjoy.

My highly speculative explanation of these results is that buugeng is an aspirational art form, just as kink is aspirational sex.  S-staffs come with a whole bundle of rules and recommendations. Any creative person knows that imposing limitations upon your work allows originality to flourish within those bounds. Perhaps this principle applies to sex and spinning in similar ways.

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