Pre-Show Check List

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August 1, 2014 by synapticwolf

Pre-Performance Check List

One day before:emptpy stage

*Check in with producer about arrival times

*Run through your routine in costume

*Make sure your fire safety person didn’t forget about you and accidentally make other plans for that night

*Sort out the fuel situation

*Edit music and and send it wherever the producer tells you to

*Unless it’s a private event or cooprate gig, go get your social media machinery churning

One hour before: stage

*Assess fuel dump safety

*Stretch ya body

*Run through choreography

*Apply make up

*Peek at audience and get all psyched up

*Deep breathing to go all zen

*Flirt with other performers

Five minutes before:whitegas

*Figure out your lighting situation

*Wet down hair

*Remove any random bits of costume that seem like they may not withstand your performance

*Fuel up

*Spin off

*Say a quick prayer to the fire gods



*Stash fuel and toys in a safe spot

*Stock pockets with promo material


*Thank the producer, fire safety, sound tech/band

*Bask in the glow of people telling you how fabulous you are

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