Flow Calendar 2015

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January 9, 2015 by synapticwolf

Drex has put together a master list of flow arts events around the world.

Click before for the 2015. . .

Flow Calendar Supreme

If we needed any more proof that flow arts are setting the world on fire (metaphorically, of course – in the literal sense, we are – one would hope – merely setting our props and bodies on fire), then this calendar is it.


Complies all American flow arts festivals into one calendar? Looks great silhouetted against a red background? Hashtag fangirl!


This is what he’s got listed for just January and February:


Today Drex gets a whole bunch of my wows. Wow, Drex, wow.

And the army of flow arts organizers causing all of these events to exist gets the the rest of them. Wow, flow arts organizers, wow.

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What is Flow?

Flow is the state of grace that emerges as a natural consequence of full presence. The flow arts, also called spin juggling or object manipulation, alternatively engage and relax the body and mind. By following the natural movements of an object, we can unlock the previously hidden potential of our inner dance.

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