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What is flow arts?

Flow arts describes the movement-based play-form centered around an object. In a state of flow, body merges with prop and the two move as a single unit. Flow artists use a wild variety of props originating from martial arts disciplines and traditional folk dances as well as newer, more innovative objects. Sticks, balls and rope in any combination will typically make up the basic components of a flow arts toy.

Most flow artists discover the flow arts via fire which can be attached to different parts of most flow objects, but those who continue with the practice soon find the thrill and sense of oneness persists even when fire is not involved.

Common flow tools

Who can practice flow arts?

Anyone! A two year old can have a great time with a staff. People with back and shoulder issues can find relief in therapeutic flow. You can spin in a slow, meditative fashion or a madcap leaping around dance.

Why study flow arts?

* Heightened body awareness
* Opportunity for creative expression
* Expanded proprioceptive sensation
* Team building and community cohesion
* Deepened connection to music
* Increased joint and muscular flexibility
* Cardiovascular fitness
* Fun!​

From the fabulously articulate flow artist clown Thom Thumb:
I don’t spin to do fancy tricks,
I don’t spin to be the best,
I spin my ropes and spheres and sticks,
To abide the tide within my chest.
I don’t spin to be known as cool,
I don’t spin for fame or glory,
I spin for king as well as fool,
to share the essence of my story.
I don’t spin just to teach,
I don’t spin to perform,
I spin to reach,
I spin to grow, to surrender and transform.
I spin to expand the shapes that grow,
In the corners of my mind,
To lead them in an ancient dance,
Older than mankind.

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What is Shakti?

Shakti comes from the Sanscrit word shak meaning power. Shakti is the primodial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. Shakti is the personification of divine feminine creative power and the agent of all change. Shakti exists in a state of svatntrya - at once entwined and interdependent with everything and yet, endowed with the absolute power of free will.

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