Contact Staff Sexual Stats


June 11, 2014 by synapticwolf

Okay, again, I’m going to trudge through the stats without a P-value. If any smarty-pants spinners want to tell me a quick way to calculate that, this survey could begin to take on a form that looks suspiciously like science. Until then, you’ll just have to look at the graphs and squint.


Linda Farkas being one with the staff

Welcome to the land of contact staff! Contact staff, where you get real up close and personal with your toy, where your body is a slave to the prop, the prop a slave to gravity and a gravity a slave to the whole wide world. Contact staff, where you crawl inside of the staff and just roll over the universe. . .

. . .all that is conjuncture – I have no idea if that’s what spinning contact staff feels like. My contact staff expertise is limited to two weeks of dragon staff and some medium-badass fishtails.

That said, I’ve always found contact staffers to be a sexy bunch. Lets look at the stats and see what contact staffers find sexy!

contactstatsAs you can see, contact staffers are into everything other spinners are into, except a little bit more. And a little more still in respect to bondage, domination and giving pain. I did not control for gender. (Note the tag on this project: Pretend Science)

The only exception to contact staff slutiness is homosexual sex. Contact staff spinners, on average, are less gay than other flow artists. Says science.

I’m headed to Freeform tonight. When I get back, you can expect the rest of the stats interspaced with some posts that have absolutely nothing to do with sex.

2 thoughts on “Contact Staff Sexual Stats

  1. Sophisma says:

    Hey! If you’d share the raw results with me, I could do the statistics)) We can actually prove which props are the gayest to spin)))

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